Products & Services

We offer a wide variety of various manufacturing and prototyping services.

Design Capabilities

  • Full CAD & CAM Capability
  • Solid Modeling
  • 40+ Years of Machine and Tooling Design Experience
  • Quick Prototyping Services

CNC Machines

  • Vertical Machining Centers
  • 4 Axis Horizontal Machining Center
  • Multi Role CNC/Manual Knee Mills
  • Live Tooling Lathe
  • Lathe
  • Plasma Table
  • Waterjet Cutting


  • TIG/MIG/Brazing
  • Multiple Saws
  • Sand/Bead/Organic Blasting
  • Hand Held Plasma Cutting
  • Full Sheet Metal Operations


  • Surface Grinders
  • Cylindrical Grinders
  • Multi-Angle Tool Grinder
  • Blanchard Grinder

EDM Capability

  • Wire EDM

Manual Machines

  • Horizontal Boring Mills
  • Lathes – Standard and Turret
  • Thread Cutters
  • Knee Mills
  • Sunnen Hone


  • Surface Plate
  • Standard Inspection Equipment
  • Optical Comparator

Lowering Spirals & Liners


Gently Lowers Material Into Bins or Between Transfer Points

Materials Handled Include:

Coal, Lime, Gypsum, and Carbide

  •  For resistance against abrasive materials
  •  Spirals ease descent of material, saving wear and tear on bin bottoms, particularly with large and/or heavy material
  • Degradation is a double loss – first in loss of product used and second in disposal cost
  • Segregation destroys uniformity essential to good results in further processing or marketing
  • Customized with four columns and base plates to fit contour of concrete or metal bins and adapted to your use.
  • Spirals cost nothing to operate – gravity conveys
  • Liners are replaceable without dismantling the Spiral


Lowering Spiral