About Towne Machine Tool

Learn about our history, industries we serve, and acquisitions we've made recently.
George and Lou Towne in the 1950s

Left to right: George Towne and Lewis Towne

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Founded in 1947

Towne Machine Tool Company was formed by brothers George Towne and Lewis Towne (pictured on left in the 1950’s) in 1947. The company was founded as a family owned and operated business. The focus was, and still is, on the employment of qualified and capable people with dedication to quality craftsmanship, efficiency, and customer service. The current President and CEO, Scott Towne, is the grandson of Lewis Towne. He maintains the original founders’ vision of management as an active leader in the day-to-day as well as strategic decisions.


Services Many Different Industries

For decades Towne has worked with local and international companies to develop new technology, machinery, and tooling. Towne Machine Tool regularly provides service to customers within the food service, automotive, and aerospace industries.  They currently build, restore, and update meat packaging machinery, components, and custom machinery. They also build custom machinery for automotive applications and in-process equipment for continuous productions applications. Towne is skilled at working with material types such as stainless steel, copper, hastelloy, brass/bronze, aluminum, steel, granite, many plastics, and others. Furthermore, they have experience to configure, control, and safeguard machinery to industry specifications.

Updated Technology for Rapid Prototyping

Towne Machine Tool Company has continued to update technology and has many pieces of equipment for quick prototyping including 3D CAD/CAM/CNC. They also operate comprehensive business management software for the purposes of tracking quotes, purchase orders, record processes, special instructions, materials, and inventory. This allows Towne to be prepared with materials common to their customers, directions on how the product is manufactured, and, in many cases, the 3D models, CNC programs and tooling that are needed at a moment’s notice. TMT is a one-stop-shop for anyone that needs a partner with designing, building, and delivering capabilities. Their standard inspection equipment allows them to readily help their customers with research, development, and troubleshooting.


Towne Machine Tool Company recently acquired, and now produce, two other product lines. In 2007 the laboratory sampling machines from Holmes Bros. Inc was added and in 2010 the vacuum filling product line from Modern Machine was added.